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We are a Mexican organization, part of the international Liter of Light movement. Our goal is to provide an ecological and economically sustainable source of lighting, using recycled plastic PET bottles, which we call solar lamps or light bottles.

This project was specifically designed for disadvantaged homes that do not have access to affordable lighting, and others that need new lighting alternatives.

The “light bottle” is filled with water is installed on the roof of the house and it provides the equivalent of a 55 watt incandescent bulb, with an average life of 5 years. It is simple, economical and with no CO2 emissions.

The initiative was born in the Philippines, thanks to the improvement of some work already done by My Shelter Foundation and researchers from the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

In Mexico, we were born within Fundación Qohélet, an institution with a long history of social work in Mexico, where our founders, Tere González and Benjamín Córdova, developed the vision and values that define us today.

The strengths of our chapter in Mexico are its deeply human, instructing and binding vision; and the strengthening of the strategies of other Liter of Light cells’ strategies, in Latin America.

Currently, we also use solar technology, solar panels and LED lamps developed in Mexico, to illuminate both houses and public places during the night.


In 2012, while Tere holds a master's degree at the Universidad Europea de Madrid, Spain, she decides to explore the Liter of Light initiative.

After a number of feedbacks with Ben, they agree to launch a pilot program in the Cañada Real on the outskirts of Madrid. Tere's determination and the spiritual support provided by all those who trusted in the indomitable vision of Fundación Qohélet, inspired the program to a first success story.

Subsequently, Liter of Light Mexico and Liter of Light Switzerland created and trained the India volunteerism group, in the city of Hyderabad. This would become the first of the dozens of projects that will be developed with support from our chapter.

We want to mention our allies, who allow us to grow, research and sustainably develop, without the need for a donation scheme.

Our institution receives direct investment from allies such as Pepsico and companies committed to the environment, determined to invest in the training of its employees and provide them with significant experience, through the installations performed in those communities that are part of the market target environment of its products and that are benefited with the installations of Liter of Light Mexico

Currently, Tere González has been recognized by the UN as one of the 17 young leaders who represent the Sustainable Development Goals. Liter of Light has direct impact on objectives 7 (affordable and non-polluting energy), 9 (Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure), 10 (reduction of inequalities), 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), 13 (climate action) and 17 (alliances to achieve objectives).

It is essential to mention two allies that are key to understanding the vision of Liter of Light Mexico; CanDo and Cáritas. Through these partnerships, CanDo links us with the social business ecosystem, being our main advisor to promote strategies within the next 3 years. Cáritas links us with the most marginalized communities and provides us with its institutional network to introduce the project, even in places of greater risk.

How does it work?

The solar lamp is a transparent plastic bottle, which is filled with clean water and chlorine, and inserted into holes that are open on the roofs, to take advantage of sunlight during the day. The sun's rays travel through the container and the mixture generates a bright refraction of 360 degrees, which illuminates any room with the same intensity of a 55-watt electric bulb.

The procedure is simple and does not require specific knowledge. The transparent 1.5 liter bottle is filled with water and a little chlorine is added, which prevents the development of mold in the solution, and allows it to last up to 5 years. To finish, the bottle cap is hermetically sealed.

Once the mixture is prepared, a hole is made in a sheet of aluminum or galvanized aluminum, where the bottle is inserted halfway and fixed with industrial sealant. Afterwards, a similar hole is drilled in the roof of the house and the light bottle is adjusted, on the sheet of the house. Finally, sealant is applied to prevent leaks.

The night solution requires other knowledge, but that does not make it more difficult to install.

The Solar Panel receives the solar energy and sends it to the controller. The more sunlight there is during the day, a higher level of battery charge will be achieved.

The Controller converts the panel current into electrical power, and also manages the battery's charge level. The photosensor controls the switching on and off of the lamp.

During the day, the Battery accumulates the energy captured by the panel, and during night, it feeds the consumption of the lamp when it is turned on. The full charge provides between 8 and 10 continuous hours of light.

A recycled bottle of PET and LED lights, form the Lamp, which is equivalent to a 150 watt bulb. Placed at a height of 3 to 3.5 m. of height, it illuminates an area of 40 m2. approximately.

For the lamp frame, we use accessible, durable, and low-cost materials, such as PVC and other materials that can be found in each country.

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As a volunteer: Participate in the installations in your region or with the base team of Liter of Light México and its local partners. All hands are welcome; your support will be unvaluable in the area that you can best apply your talent.

As a contributor: Unite your institution, association or collective to the Liter of Light network in our country. If you, as a group, are interested in carrying out this project, we can train you to develop your own cell and share the task of illuminating more homes. By joining forces we can achieve more and better results.

As a patron: Contributing, according to your possibilities, financial resources or in kind on a personal basis, so that the project reaches more people in need. We believe in the power of micro-patronage and every cooperation, however small, is very valuable to us. Of course, it will be used with complete honesty and gratitude.

As a sponsor: Supporting the project with economic or in-kind resources on behalf of your company or foundation to benefit more families with the work of Liter of Light. All contributions are of great value to our project, their management will always be transparent and translated into tangible results.

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